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Electric Power Regulator

Electric Power Regulator Electric Power Regulator

High performance unit with network function

Our thyristor type power regulator is reliable and easy to operate, making it widely popular across many industries. We have been developing and manufacturing semiconductors and thyristors, core elements of power control, for many years and with constant reliability, allowing us to deliver high quality power regulators.
The "UF series", fruit of many years of experience, is equipped with our thyristor module (Isolation type) in the main circuit to make it light and compact. It increases accordingly the mounting density and fits a large number of units on the control panel. The control circuit uses digital control. Various protective functions and options are available to achieve great performance. The lineup also includes the general-purpose SPU series.

CALPOTE  High performance type 「UF-1 series」Single phase type: UF 1 / 25-1200A

CALPOTE High performance type「UF-3 series」Three phase type: UF 3 / 25-1200A

Supports open field network

Our products are the first in the industry to incorporate open network communications such as CC-Link. You can enable interconnection with control devices such as PCs and PLCs, and easily match the equipment with mechanical systems. No need to develop complex programs or special boards, just connect via communication protocols such as RS232C. (Some models are not compatible.)

  • As an option, it is possible to connect up to 63 units on the same communication unit instead of individual connections.
  • The signals and monitoring of the output voltage, current and power can be set from a PC.

Possible to produce heater control panel

We take advantage as an integrated factory of our capabilities, and produce products from sheet metal to bus bars and harnesses. We can also manufacture a heater control panel integrating the peripheral circuit of power regulator and many units.


Input spec Phase Single-phase, Three-phase
Voltage 100V power (100/110/120V±10%)
200V power (200/220/254V±10%)
400V power (380/400/440/460/480V±10%)
※Control power AC200/220V
Frequency 50/60Hz±5%
Output spec Current 25/35/50/75A (natural cooling)
100/150/250/350/450A (air-cooled)
600/800/1200A (not standard/air-cooled)
Operating environment Ambient temperature Operation:-10〜50℃ Storage:-20〜70℃
Relative humidity 30~90%RH
Atmosphere No corrosive gas, dust and vibrations
Dielectric strength Withstand voltage AC2000V/min (100/200V power)
AC2500V/min (400V power)
Insulation resistance Over 20MΩ (with DC500V megger)
Control system Phase control Cycle control (continuous, intermittent)
Control input (1)ON/OFF signal: Contact made when temperature drops below setting
(2)Current signal: DC 4-20mA (Unit input resistance: 250Ω)
(3)Voltage signal: DC 1-5V, DC0-5V (Unit input resistance: 13KΩ)
(4)Other current and voltage signals (signal converter required)
Start/Stop method Soft start/down system (Standard 0.5 sec., Random setting on display panel)
Current limit Preset 50-110% of rated current available (phase control only)
Output characteristics Linear characteristics ±3% F.S (at 10-90% output)
Minimum setting: Minimum output voltage setting
Gradient setting: Maximum output voltage setting
Protection (1)Overcurrent protection
(2)Short-circuit protection
(3)Overheat protection (100A and higher rated units)
Accessories (per unit) Variable resistor knob

Please contact us for customization

There are ways to improve the efficiency of on-site work by customizing standard products to fit your own usage conditions.
We meet the needs of customers with the know-how we acquired over many years in Power Supply manufacturing.

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