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Sansha Electric MFG. Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development, production and sales on two business segments: Power Supply equipment and Power semiconductors.
Power semiconductors are essential devices used to improve power efficiency and energy savings, by converting direct current to alternating current and precisely controlling the flow of current or the voltage increase and decrease.

By combining both technologies, we provide various power semiconductors for power equipment and a wide selection of industrial power equipment from small power to larger ones, leading the industry in both domestic and overseas markets.

Power Supply Division

Uninterruptible Power System (UPS), Power Supply for Surface Treatment

Distinctive features

  • High-efficiency power conversion technology

    Our company’s strength is low-loss power conversion technology. We lead the industry by developing power conditioners for fuel cell and power supplies for hydrogen generation, all equipped with SiC (silicon carbide).

  • Development of a wide range of solutions, from small custom-made equipment to large industrial power supplies

    We support design and development based on the customer specifications to offer solutions from small custom-made units to large industrial power supplies.

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Power Semiconductors Division

Large-capacity power module, small-capacity power discrete

Distinctive features

  • Development of high breakdown voltage and large current with low loss

    Unlike the planar-type chips currently mainstream in the semiconductor industry, we use a mesa structure chip that couples high breakdown voltage with low loss in the same chip.

  • Unique process and package technology for high reliability

    Our unique process and packaging technology has been highly evaluated in industrial applications where long-term reliability is required.

Power semiconductors presentation

Technical capabilities that meet customer needs

Although it is a niche market, our company has been creating detailed customization for customers based on their specifications and needs. The reason we were able to create a long history of success is that our technological capabilities and ideas are rooted in the creation of products valuable to society. The accumulated experience we have built to this date supports efficient production, safety, and new products.

Service & Support business

Regular maintenance and inspection work is important to ensure stable operation of Power Supply equipment.
SANSHA SOLUTION SERVICE is in charge of everything from machinery installation to operation support, and ensures services and maintenance around long-term operation of our equipment.

Power supply equipment maintenance service

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