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Introduction of Plant

Our company has a wide range(hight voltage and high currents) of products from wafer processing to package assembly for power semiconductors, and has products of power supply equipment, from development and design to assembly of circuit boards and other components.
Our products are designed for safe and secure use by customers, and undergo various processes and inspections before they reach the customer.

  • Introduction of Shiga Plant

    In operation since 1982.
    Located southeast of Lake Biwa, the company mainly produces large and medium-sized products of power supply equipment.
    We also promote activities aimed at achieving a sustainable society by incorporating environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

    Shiga Plant

  • Introduction of Okayama Plant

    In operation since 1985.
    Okayama Plant is located in Nagi, Okayama Prefecture, surrounded by a rich environment, and performs a complete process from manufacturing wafers and chips, which are the core of power semiconductor devices, to post-process assembly and inspection. We produce a wide range of discrete and module products.

    Okayama Plant

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