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About Power Semiconductor

The semiconductors we develop and manufacture are not the well-known integrated circuit semiconductors such as memory and microcomputers, but power semiconductors used in various power supply devices such as large current and voltage AC/DC conversion and current voltage control.
They play an important role in a wide variety of power supply products used in our customers' production facilities and power supply equipment.

  1. In-house development of power semiconductors with high withstand voltage, large current, and low power loss

    We develop and manufacture power semiconductors that combine high withstand voltage and low loss using not only planar but also our proprietary mesa technology.

    In-house development of power semiconductors with high withstand voltage, large current, and low power loss

  2. Package technology for high reliability

    Our unique chip packaging technology suitable for power semiconductors has earned us a high reputation in industrial applications where long-term reliability is important.

    Package technology for high reliability

  3. Synergy with power supply equipment business

    Having developed and manufactured power supply devices since our establishment, we are familiar with how power semiconductors are used in power supply devices.We can make optimal proposals tailored to the customer's operating environment and application.


Diode Diode

Rectifier Diode

A device consisting of a PN junction, the most basic structure, is a semiconductor that allows current to flow in one direction.
Used in AC to DC conversion circuits and to prevent reverse current flow.

Inverter products, power supplies for motors, DC power supplies, etc.

Fast Recovery Diode

This diode is designed to have a fast reverse recovery time (trr).
Also called FRD (Fast Recovery Diode).

Rectifier diodes are developed for rectification of commercial power supplies. Since the reverse recovery characteristics at OFF are much worse than those of high-speed diodes, and the surge voltage during reverse recovery may destroy them, high-speed diodes should be used when operating with a switching frequency of 1 kHz or higher.

Soft Recovery Diode Soft Recovery Diode

Soft Recovery Diode

This is a fast diode with slowly decreasing reverse recovery current during diode reverse recovery operation.

Schottky Barrier Diode

A diode with a Schottky junction formed by a metal and a semiconductor.
It is characterized by low forward voltage (VF) and fast reverse recovery time (trr).
However, the leakage current is large and the withstand voltage of the device is low, up to about 200V.


Thyristor Thyristor

A rectifier device that can be switched by passing current through its gate.
It can be controlled on or off for currents in one direction.
It is characterized by low-speed switching but can handle large currents.

It is used to control large currents in motors and industrial equipment.


Triac Triac

In contrast to thyristors, which switch against current in one direction, triacs can switch in both directions.
For this reason, triacs can be used in AC switching applications.

Used for AC switches, dimmers, motor control of home appliances, and temperature control.



To achieve a high breakdown voltage in MOSFETs, the drift layer must be thicker, which has the weakness of increasing the on-resistance.
IGBTs overcome the weakness associated with the high breakdown voltage of MOSFETs by utilizing conductivity modulation, which lowers resistance by injecting holes (holes) from the backside P layer into the N- layer.
Although slower than MOSFETs, these devices provide high switching speeds at high breakdown voltages.

It is used in high pressure areas such as various inverters, commercial air conditioners, welding machines, etc.



These devices overcome the weak point of IGBTs, namely high-speed switching.
SiC (silicon carbide) has 10 times the dielectric breakdown strength of Si, which allows a thinner N-drift layer and lower on-resistance for the same breakdown voltage.
It features both high withstand voltage and low on-resistance performance, and its unipolar operation enables high-speed switching.

Used in various inverters, induction heating, power supplies for high-frequency plasma, motor control, etc.

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