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Corporate Philosophy and Purpose

Corporate Philosophy Structure

Corporate Philosophy Structure

Corporate Philosophy

  • Valuable Products for Society

    Make a continuous effort to create products that are sought by society and contribute to the development of society by providing products of better quality
  • Profits and Prosperity for the Company

    Always endeavor to raise awareness, aim for prosperity, secure profits and fulfill social responsibility for the Company
  • Happiness and Stability for Employees

    Always look to the future in high spirits and ensure happiness and a stable life for employees through trust and cooperation

Regardless of how times change, we believe that our most important social responsibility is to "create products that are valuable to society" "Valuable Products for Society"as a manufacturer.
We will continue to create products that are safe, reliable, and trustworthy, always thinking from the standpoint of our customers, based on the view that achieving customer satisfaction through manufacturing will lead to the continuous development of our company.


Moving society forward
with power electronics and creativity

Since our founding, we have been engaged in transforming
and controlling electricity. This will remain unchanged.
Continuing to be an entity with one-of-a-kind technologies
and services that moves society forward to a bright future —
this is our purpose and our mission.

Our thoughts reflected in words

■「Power electronics」
This is our role in society and our business domain, which will remain unchanged. We are always engaged in power electronics.
While we are an engineering company, it is not just our engineers but all of our employees that act in accordance with our purpose. All employees act creatively with a commitment to one-of-a-kind technologies and services
■「Moving society forward」
As a manufacturer of power supplies and power semiconductors, we will be a driving force moving society in a better direction. This is our purpose and our mission.

Behavioral Charter

  1. We contribute to the development of a sustainable society by developing and providing products and services that are useful to society.
  2. In response to the globalization of business activities, we engage in fair, transparent, and free competition and appropriate business transactions.
  3. We will proactively contribute to society and protect the global environment.
  4. We will disclose necessary information to society in a timely manner, engage in constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, and strive to maintain and develop relationships of trust.
  5. We will respect human rights and diversity, ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, and realize comfortable, relaxed and affluence.

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