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Our original package "Techno Block"
2 in 1 SiC MOSFET Module

Techno Block 2 in 1 SiC MOSFET Module

Our SiC-MOSFET module is suitable for high speed switching with long term reliability, reduced loss, and downsized thanks to our original "Techno Block※1" Package.
This product is commercialized through joint development with Panasonic Corporation.


  • Our unique "Techno Block" package achieves long term reliability※2 and is more compact
  • Internal structure capable of high-speed switching and reducing the inductance to about 1/2 (compared to our conventional products)
  • Equipped with Panasonic Corporation's original SiC-MOSFET chip (DioMOS (Diode integrated MOSFET)) which integrates freewheel diode function achieving optimum switching by reducing unnecessary inductance
  • To solve SiC-MOS weak point, short-circuit failure, we achieve industry-leading short-circuit capability with equipment safety design
  • On-resistance characteristics to achieve high efficiency under conditions with little change even at high temperature (150℃)
  • High gate threshold characteristics (threshold voltage 4.0V (Typ.)) to prevent malfunctions due to noise during high frequency operation
Unique package combining the transfer mold method with a structure in which a metal and a chip are sandwiched by soldering.
Achieves long-term reliability and downsizing by not using wire bonding technology for connection.
Techno Block is a trademark of Sansha Electric MFG. Co., Ltd.
Power cycle capability: about 3 times our conventional product


  • Industrial inverter
  • DC-DC converter
  • EV charger
  • High output resonant Power Supply

Maximum Ratings

Tj=25℃ unless otherwise specified

Item Symbol Unit Ratings Conditions
FCA100AC120 FCA150AC120
Drain-Source Voltage VDSS V 1200 -
Continuous Drain Current ID A 100 150 VGS=20V, Tc=90℃
Total Power Dissipation Ptot W 625 1135 Tc=25℃
Operating Junction Temperature Tj -40 to +150 -
Isolation Voltage Viso V 2500 AC 60Hz 1min

Electrical Characteristics

Tj=25℃ unless otherwise specified

Item Symbol Unit Ratings Conditions
Min. Typ. Max.
On-State Resistance RDS(on) - - 6.8 4.1 14 9.3 ID=100A ID=150A VGS=20V
- - 7.4 4.5 15 10 VGS=20V, Tj=150℃
Drain Cutoff Current IDSS μA - - - - 200 300 - - VDS=1200V, VGS=0V
Gate-Source Threshold Voltage VGS(th) V 3 3 4 4 5 5 ID=3mA ID=4.5mA VDS=10V
Gate-Source Leakage Current IGSS nA - - - - 200 300 - - VGS=20V, VDS=0V
Thermal Resistance Rth(j-c) ℃/W - - - - 0.2 0.11 - - Junction to Case (per Leg)

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