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Financial Highlights

  • Total assets

  • Net assets

  • Equity ratio

  • Net assets per share

Year 2018
March term
Year 2019
March term
Year 2020
March term
Year 2021
March term
Year 2022
March term
Number of shares issued at the end of period (including treasury stock) 14,950,000 14,950,000 14,950,000 14,950,000 14,950,000
Number of treasury stock at year-end 457,099 807,120 902,122 902,122 2,102,122


  • The contents of this page may not immediately reflect the corrections of the brief financial statements.
  • Even if there is a stock split, etc. the related indicators will not be retroactively adjusted.
  • The frequency of updates may change due to changes in the financial statements format.

These data are prepared based on the financial report.
Although we take great care in converting the data for publication, please be aware that there is a possibility that information may be erroneous due to mechanical defects, tampering by a third party or malfunction of machinery etc.
For more information on financial results, please refer to the financial summary.

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