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Examples - High Reliability Full Digital Control UPS

Large scale networks such as air traffic control and online system such as banks, city gas monitoring, and securities trading require high reliability systems.
The parallel operation method of the high reliability UPS allows repair/maintenance and installation of additional units even when the UPS is in operation.



  1. Drastically improved reliability thanks to parallel operation control system
    Possibility to reduce the impact on the load by disconnecting failing UPS (including the bypass circuit), adding another unit and performing maintenance while each UPS is operating.
  2. Simplification of inverter unit
    The unit structure is simplified by reducing the number of IGBT elements and parts, thus saving space and cost.
  3. Reduced wiring between equipment
    Fewer control wires are required compared to conventional parallel operation methods.
  • The duplicated control power supply maintains operation even during failure.
  • The parallel monitoring function seamlessly bypasses the UPS unit in case of failure and maintain operation.
  • The parallel monitoring function also improves reliability by duplication of the control power supply.

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