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MRS Series

MRS Series



  • Improved environmental resistance and durability

    High performance isolation thyristor, and epoxy-sealed special transformer, along with sealed control circuit improved environmental resistance and durability.

  • Energy-saving type

    A simplified internal structure and the use of large capacity low loss multi diode (500A) allow energy-saving.

  • Compact, lightweight and space saving

    Improvement of the cooling structure for a compact and lightweight result, achieved by removing the front width. Same model products are stackable (up to 5,000A).

  • Mounted with substantial protection functions

    • The rectifier is protected by built-in current limit function circuit during constant voltage operation and voltage limit function circuit during constant current operation.
    • The rectifier is protected by built-in temperature abnormality detection device against cooling related abnormalities such as fan stop.
    • The fan stops when the rectifier is not working.
  • Soft start function

    • CV–CC change setting function
    • Low voltage setting function
    • Low current setting function
    • Constant current density setting function
    • Independent output voltage and current setting functionOption


We can provide products with up to 12V 15000A.

It is possible to modify the voltage and current freely if it is within the capacity.
Please see the catalog for detailed specifications.

General Purpose Rectifier Lineup

Please contact us for customization

There are ways to improve the efficiency of on-site work by customizing standard products to fit your own usage conditions.
We meet the needs of customers with the know-how we acquired over many years in Power Supply manufacturing.

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