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CleanRex (Ultrasonic cleaner)

CleanRex (Ultrasonic cleaner) CleanRex (Ultrasonic cleaner)



Reliable, strong and stable ultrasonic generator

  • Powerful sweep function reduces uneven cleaning.
    Shot function accelerates effectively deaeration.
    Full power outputs even in sweep mode.
    Normal single function also available.

  • Full digital control. User-friendly panel, and built-in excellent tracking function.
    Constant ultrasonic output maintained even with unstable input power, and when switching cleaning items. Failures indicated by code.

  • Compact and lightweight. Same dimensions for 600W and 1,200W models.
    Stackable equipment (Up to 4 units)

  • Output adjustment range from 25 to 100%, allowing optimum cleaning output.

  • Achieving high environmental resistance performance as per surface treatment industry standards. Provide excellent durability even in challenging environments by sealing all enclosures except ventilation parts.

  • Built-in timer indicates ultrasonic generator’s lifetime.

  • Easy replacement thanks to our unique tracking function.
    You can also use a conventional electrostriction oscillator.

  • Supports open field network communication (DeviceNet and CC-Link ) by adding an optional card.


Output 600W 1200W
Nominal frequency  28kHz 40kHz 28kHz 40kHz
Please see the catalog for detailed specifications.

High power and low frequency for even cleaning

  • Narrow oscillator models also available (compared to our conventional products)

  • Special structure of the wire connections for better airtightness

  • Use of shielded fluororesin tubes to easily connect to the oscillator, further protected with stainless steel braid.

  • Chemical resistance to solvents and alkaline aqueous solutions.

  • Uses BLT (bolt tightening langevin type) that withstand high temperature up to 100℃. Possibility to clean even in high temperature liquid.

  • Thick oscillator plate for longer product life while delivering powerful vibration for efficient cleaning.

  • An acid resistant series is also available (Made-to-order)


Nominal input 28kHz 600W
28kHz 1200W
40kHz 600W
40kHz 1200W
Please see the catalog for detailed specifications.

General Purpose Rectifier Lineup

Please contact us for customization

There are ways to improve the efficiency of on-site work by customizing standard products to fit your own usage conditions.
We meet the needs of customers with the know-how we acquired over many years in Power Supply manufacturing.

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