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2022.4.12 Exhibition

Sales Launch of Discrete 1200V Voltage SiC MOSFETs with High Reliability and Low Loss

We will begin selling SiC MOSFETs with a current capacity of 50A in April 2022, using a TO-247 package with a 4-pin structure that achieves fast switching and low loss.

In addition to the existing module products (150A and 100A), we have added a 50A discrete product to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Product photo and connection diagram

Power devices are used in a variety of applications in the automotive and industrial fields.SiC (silicon carbide) power devices are expected to be key devices for energy conservation in high-current and high-voltage applications because of their low loss and high-speed operation that exceeds that of conventional Si (silicon). This product reduces unnecessary inductance by incorporating a SiC MOSFET chip with a built-in reflux diode function, and achieves high-speed switching and low loss by adopting a 4-pin structure that brings out the performance of SiC MOSFETs.

【Product overview】

Product name Product name Withstand voltage Current capacity RDS(ON) Package
SiC MOSFET FMG50AQ120N6 1200V 50A 13mΩ(Typ)
Vɢꜱ=20V, ID=50A


【New product features】

  1. Proprietary low-loss internal wiring that maximizes the performance of SiC MOSFETs and a dedicated package with high heat dissipation and high insulation.
  2. The 4-pin structure reduces the effect of inductance on the source pins, resulting in faster switching and reduced energy loss.
  3. SiC MOSFET chip with built-in reflux diode function that can reduce unwanted inductance for ideal switching
  4. Industry’s top class short-circuit withstand capacity to realize safe design of equipment against short circuit breakdown, which is said to be a weak point of SiC MOSFETs.
  5. Chip that achieves high efficiency in actual use has an on-resistance characteristic that remains unchanged even at high temperatures (150°C).
  6. High threshold gate characteristics that are resistant to malfunction against noise at high frequency drive (threshold voltage 4.0V (Typ.))

【Main applications】

  • Industrial Inverter
  • Uninterruptible power system (UPS)
  • EV Battery Charger
  • Various Switching Mode Power Supplies

【Environmental considerations】

This product complies with the RoHS* directive (2011/65/EU and (EU)2015/863).
* Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

【Future outlook】

By expanding our lineup of SiC MOSFET-based products, we will contribute to higher reliability and efficiency as well as smaller size and lower cost of power supplies.


Please contact our Semiconductor Sales Department.

* The information in this press release is current at the time of publication. Contents are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

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